PHL strives to ensure every aspect of our business is sustainable, implementing many procedures over the last 20 years to reduce our impact on the environment.

Biomass Boiler – 6 years ago we upgraded to a Biomass boiler to help significantly reduce our net carbon emissions. The wood pellet fuel is always sourced from sustainable suppliers.

Energy Supply – All our electricity now comes from 100% renewable sources.

Energy Efficient Lighting – we are in the process of switching to energy-efficient LED lighting and so far have completed 60,000 sq. ft of our building. The final 22,000 sq. ft is in the process of being converted in 2020.

Packaging and Consumables – Where possible we source sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging, such as Bio-degradable air pouches, Hexcelwrap (paper alternative to bubble wrap), etc.

Recycling – For many years we have recycled the by-products of our industry, namely paper and plastic packaging. We have several large skips on-site for Glass, Paper/Card, Wood, and Plastic, and much of the waste is bailed in a compressor, to reduce transportation space. We also have a smaller skip for our general waste which goes to our local recycling centre to be more thoroughly sort through and any final components recycled.

We are aware that the  climate emergency means a major shift in the way every company does business.  As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability PHL have pledged to implement additional policies this year;

– Ensure existing and new suppliers have a robust sustainability commitment to include actively reducing Carbon Emissions and waste

– Engage staff in Sustainability programs such as reducing single use plastics, going paperless, carpooling etc.

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