Employee Spotlight – Mitchel Pagden

Department: Pharmaceutical Distribution and Compliance

Name: Mitchel “Mitch” Pagden

Job Title: Quality Assurance Director and Responsible Person

How would you describe you job?

My day to day includes ensuring client requirements are met, conducting audits and managing the framework of ISO9001, Good Distribution Practice and the MHRA WDA Licence is upheld.

I find myself involved in all aspects of the business, but my main priority and focus is ensuring that client operations are procedurally driven. Most of our clients have bespoke Service Level Agreements and Procedures and it’s my job to co-ordinate these across different areas of the business. I see my role as a conduit to provide both flexibility and conformity as they are not always easy to deliver hand in hand.

How did you end up at PHL?

I found myself pulled into the welcoming embrace of PHL 4 years ago after working at Muller as an Analytical Quality Technician.

I wanted a job where I would be able to make a difference and effect positive change. I was initially employed to implement ISO9001 and to make sure that processes and procedures were being followed in line with customer requirements. Within a year the exciting challenge of applying for and obtaining an MHRA licence came across my desk. I was then asked to help translate the learnings taken from dealing with MHRA and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and applying them across the entire business.

What do you love most about your job?

I love the fact that I am given a project to wholly manage and implement, I get a great sense of satisfaction and achievement once it has been successfully delivered.

Tell us about your Accomplishment and Awards?

After achieving ISO9001 in 2015, I was asked to lead the implementation of the MHRA licence, allowing PHL to distribute medicines for human use. This was completed in 2017 and as part of this I attended the Cogent Skills RP Gold Standard for Responsible Persons.

Since joining PHL I have worked my way up to join the board of directors where I now have overall responsibility for Compliance.

What are your Hobbies and Interests outside of work?

If you look for me outside of work you will find me drooling over rockets with a block of cheese in one hand a book in the other. I also have an unhealthy obsession with electric vehicles and can be heard quantifying most things in terms of how much a Tesla costs.