Do you need help with your Pharmaceutical Distribution?

The job of storing and distributing regulated medicines can be a complete headache for your business. It is a heavily regulated area, for very good reason, and comes with higher associated costs that eat into your sales revenue and put pressure on profitability in a competitive market.

It is especially painful for Start-ups and Wholesaler Businesses who have a small selection of medicines to go with their main offering.  Many companies find that the best way to manage the challenges of Pharma Distribution is to outsource to an MHRA Approved warehouse like PHL.

Finding the right Logistics company with the necessary MHRA Distribution Licence can still be difficult especially when your business needs come into conflict with higher distribution costs and ridged rules and procedures often barring your way.

At PHL we like to think differently. We are agile in a heavily regulated sector allowing small and medium sized companies to thrive rather than getting bogged down in the regulation.  We try to take as much of the pain out of the process as possible with our experience and knowledge and by offering a completely bespoke and flexible solution to meet your business needs.

We have no restrictions on what we can do, we will set up and work with you in the exact way that you want and distribute according to your and your customer’s needs. We will take care of your every need in terms of regulatory requirement and partner with you to ensure your standards and business targets are always being delivered.

Benefits of working with PHL as your Pharma Warehouse Partner:

  • Fully Licensed Pharmaceutical Distribution
  • On site responsible person
  • Good distribution practice, we have the certificate, but we are also good!
  • We are completely flexible to the needs of our clients
  • We are complaint with every regulatory requirement
  • We take the pain out of distribution so the client can focus on growing the business
  • We are open and honest about our costs, no hidden fees or charges
  • We ensure the standards of the brand are met, every single day, and take pride in our work

If you have any requirements or questions about Medical Distribution then please feel free to call or email our inhouse responsible person, Mitchel Pagden, on 01938 551919 or